Locations of VIVIDO STUDIO

Locations of VIVIDO STUDIO

VIVIDO STUDIO is a Toronto-based animation and design studio that enjoys creating a positive impact through storytelling and powerful visuals. Here, one can find a team of talented professionals with backgrounds in animation, design and communication that help produce stunning visuals that ignite even the most complicated stories.

VIVIDO STUDIO is conveniently located in downtown Toronto, placed within the confines of Toronto's booming art and design district. It is situated in a popular, vibrant Toronto neighbourhood, where the city’s booming cultural scene is accessible and embodies the creativity that is integral to VIVIDO’s mission. Amid the hustle and bustle of the city’s many cafes, bars and local businesses, the studio manages to maintain a sense of peace and tranquility.

Here, the team is able to find balance in between their intense project timelines and the nearby hustle and bustle. As a creative business, proximity to vital resources such as studios and clients, as well as easy access to the myriad of art galleries and design services in the area is essential. The talented and experienced crew of VIVIDO STUDIO is confident that the optimal environment is provided for them to produce the best possible design results.

The main studio, located at 2 Bloor Street East floor 12, is placed at a prime location due to its close proximity to Toronto's Financial District and many other downtown attractions. The VIVIDO team also has a satellite office located at 1 King Street West per floor 16 and 17, allowing travel between this and the main Toronto office to be efficient and cost effective.

With downtown Toronto as the central location of VIVIDO STUDIO, the team is able to take advantage of the countless benefits the city has to offer. This includes easy access to the urban parks and trails, making it easier for the crew to find natural ways to find balance and tranquility that can help to focus on the creative process. Toronto’s cultural and artistic vibe adds to the creative atmosphere of the studio and adds to the inspiration for their work.

In conclusion, VIVIDO STUDIO is located in Toronto’s bustling art and design district, mixing the vibrancy of the city with an atmosphere of serenity and inspiration. The two main office locations located at 2 Bloor Street East and 1 King Street West allow the team to benefit from the wide variety of resources available in the city and to create client-centric designs that make a powerful visual impact. With the right environment, VIVIDO STUDIO is able to create powerful stories that can help make a lasting positive impact.