Website Expired Squarespace – Learn What to Do If Your Squarespace Website Expires

Website Expired Squarespace – Learn What to Do If Your Squarespace Website Expires

A website is the public face of any business or organisation and one of the keys to a successful online presence is ensuring your website remains active and up to date. Unfortunately, if you’re using Squarespace, there may be times when your website expires and, while it can be a challenge to get it back up and running, it’s not impossible.

Once a Squarespace website expires, it’s taken down and replaced with an “Expired” page that lets visitors know the website is no longer accessible. That page will include the date the subscription expired, as well as a truncated version of the site’s logo. Website owners can choose to keep this page up indefinitely or remove it manually.

When a Squarespace website expires, the first step is to review the subscription plan and payment status. If the website’s subscription has lapsed, the owner will need to pay any outstanding balances in order to reactivate the website. Renewing the subscription should immediately restore the website to active status.

If the subscription is still active, the website may have been paused due to an issue such as a domain not pointing to Squarespace properly or the account being suspended due to suspicious activity. Fortunately, many of these issues have simple solutions and website owners can usually get their site up and running again by contacting Squarespace’s customer support team.

If a Squarespace website’s information is lost, website owners should backup all the website’s content before taking any further steps. Fortunately, Squarespace stores backups of websites for up to 30 days after the subscription has expired, meaning there’s a good chance the website or some of its content can be salvaged. Website owners can also contact Squarespace’s customer support team and they may be able to assist in restoring the website from a backup.

In the end, Squarespace expiry isn’t the end of the story for your website. With a bit of investigation and some troubleshooting, it should be possible to restore the website to active status so that it can continue to make its presence felt online.