Are there any recent developments in regards to Pretty Instant's services?

Pretty Instant is a service-on-demand platform that connects businesses and individuals with local, on-demand services like event photographers, professional videographers, event hosts, and more. Founded in 2016, the company has quickly gained in popularity throughout the United States and Canada.

Recently, Pretty Instant has made some exciting developments in regards to their services. The company has added a slew of new services, including on-demand video creation and an expansive network of local videographers. Additionally, they have rolled out an improved product dashboard that allows businesses to manage their requests and bookings.

The company has also made some changes to their pricing model. Pretty Instant now offers a lower-cost plan that makes it easier for businesses to access the services they need. This plan offers discounts up to 50% or more compared to the original pricing structure.

In addition, the company has developed new agreements with local service providers, allowing businesses to get the best possible prices on their services. They have also implemented a streamlined booking system, giving businesses the ability to access their services quickly and easily.

Finally, Pretty Instant has recently launched a mobile app that makes it even easier for businesses to request, book, and manage their services. The app allows users to quickly connect with local service providers and request services in whatever location they may be in. The app also offers users insights and analytics about the services they are using.

These exciting developments demonstrate Pretty Instant's commitment to customer service. Their new services and pricing model makes it easier for businesses to get the best services at the best prices. Their streamlined booking system and mobile app make it even easier for businesses to request and manage their services. With these changes, businesses can be sure that they are making the smartest decisions when it comes to their service needs.