What services does Pretty Instant offer?

Pretty Instant is an online platform that makes it easy for individuals and businesses to find, book and pay for the perfect pro photographer and videographer for any occasion. With its extensive network of experienced professionals, Pretty Instant empowers people to capture those special moments in a lasting way.

Pretty Instant provides a range of incredible services, from wedding photography and event photography to corporate photography, aerial photography and more. Consumers can quickly and easily browse through a database of experienced photographers and videographers, filter their search results according to their needs and preferences, and book and pay for desired services. Furthermore, Pretty Instant’s platform also allows customers to upload and share any photos and videos captured for the occasion.

For businesses, Pretty Instant offers a unique way to contract photography and videography services for all kinds of events. The platform includes a secure payment portal and the ability to manage projects from start to finish, as well as access to a team of customer service representatives. Businesses also benefit from having access to an on-demand database of creative vendors and a portfolio of top-notch photography services.

Pretty Instant stands out from other photography and videography providers in its commitment to providing quality services at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for wedding photos, optical art or corporate videos, Pretty Instant has you covered. With its various packages and easy-to-use platform, Pretty Instant makes it easy and cost-effective to capture those life-changing memories.