Details about 71West usage policies

71West is a digital agency, freelancer, and creative services platform for designers, content creators, and other creatives. Our use policy is designed to ensure a safe and secure experience for all our users.

At 71West, we strive to offer our users the best services possible. We limit access to usage of the platform to protect our users' safety and security. All users must adhere to our rules, regulations, and policies.

Our usage policy is designed to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We provide users with the freedom and flexibility to use the platform in a secure environment. All users must respect the rights of other users and adhere to our policies.

Our platform is also a source of creativity and collaboration. We recognize that the work of our users can be copyrighted and proprietary, so we make sure to protect the confidentiality and ownership of their data. Our policies ensure that our users are protected from infringement of the intellectual property of others.

We strive to continuously improve our platform and offer our users the best services. We use our platform to make sure that we protect the safety and privacy of our users while giving them maximum freedom to take advantage of the platform's features. We also provide our users with various resources such as tutorials and guidance related to the platform.

71West is committed to maintaining a secure environment where creativity and collaboration can thrive. Our usage policies ensure that all users can work together without worrying about their rights or the security of their data. Our policy allows our users to maximize the potential of our platform, while ensuring that all users are treated with respect and fairness.