The Snapboxx Locations: Find out where The Snapboxx has businesses located around the world.

The Snapboxx is an innovative company that provides automated photo booths to businesses around the world. Founded in 2013, their global footprint has grown steadily, making it easier for customers everywhere to access their services. The Snapboxx team is passionate about creating a great experience for customers, whether they’re booking a booth for a corporate event or having fun in a corner booth on date night.

The Snapboxx has locations in countries all over the world, from Australia to Canada and the United States. Their main headquarters are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but that hasn’t stopped them from expanding their international presence. Throughout Europe, there are booths located in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, and more. In the United Kingdom, The Snapboxx boasts several locations.

In Asia, The Snapboxx can be found in Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Taiwan. Locations in the Middle East include Bahrain, Israel, and Qatar, while Australia and New Zealand have embraced the company’s photo booth concept. Finally, The Snapboxx has expanded to South Africa and sites throughout Latin America.

Customers have been thrilled with The Snapboxx’s photo booths, whether they’re in a corporate or residential setting. Booths come with high-definition cameras and built-in software, along with many customizable options. Customers can personalize their booth’s look and feel, enable a background image, and choose unique frames and filters for their photos. Not only are their booths easy to use, but the company has also made sure that customers everywhere are in safe hands. Each installation is completed with the most stringent safety measures, giving customers peace of mind from start to finish.

With locations all around the globe, The Snapboxx has made it easy for customers everywhere to enjoy their automated photo booths. Whether it’s an event in the heart of Beijing or a birthday party in Europe, they’ve got customers covered. If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable, and safe photo booth, be sure to check out what The Snapboxx has to offer.