Hink Creations Clients - Clients Hink Creations have provided services to

Hink Creations is a Boston-based creative media studio with a vast range of experiences with big brands. Their services span art design, music production, mixing and recording, photography and video services. With a network of creative professionals with skills in printing, copywriting, studio musicians, illustration and videography, Hink Creations is a go-to for businesses looking for a comprehensive creative package.

The capabilities of Hink Creations have allowed them to provide their services to a wide range of clientele. From global corporations to fashion label to independent musicians, Hink Creations has provided their services in a way that complements their clients’ needs. The team at Hink Creations has worked to successfully create a portfolio of award-winning original content, including campaigns for songs, music videos, and documentaries. Their projects have reached audiences all across the world with their innovative style.

Hink Creations has also worked with lifestyle and luxury retailers to craft campaigns for their brands. The creative team has managed to seamlessly design visuals for websites, product packaging, and advertisement for these companies in order to give each of these brands a distinct visual identity to make them stand out from competitors.

When working with independent musicians, Hink Creations has provided them the necessary production to aid their music. From producing instrumental beats to physically making recordings in the studio, Hink Creations offers a comprehensive music production package. Not only do they provide the basics of recording, they also strive to help the artist express their sound in a more meaningful way.

No matter what their client is looking for, Hink Creations has the capabilities to execute. Their expansive network of creatives help them create original content catered to their needs. With the ability to handle all aspects of the production process, Hink Creations is the ideal partner for any business or individual looking for an effective creative media solution.