Where Are Light-Magic's Locations Around the World?

Where Are Light-Magic's Locations Around the World?

Light-Magic is a premier entertainment provider with customers across the globe. With decades of experience and expertise, they are one of the leader in providing world-class entertainment services.

Light-Magic has locations in over 15 countries across 4 continents, stretching from the United States to Australia. Each country and region has its own team of experts to provide a localized solution and ensure quality performance around the world.

Starting in the United States, Light-Magic has locations in 15 cities across 8 states. From Los Angeles to New York, the company has a wide variety of services and installations that can be tapped into. For large-scale events and productions, they can provide state-of-the-art lasers and light shows that transform any venue into an 8D spectacle.

On the European continent, Light-Magic has established a reputation across eight countries that include Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Sweden and more. With dozens of locations in those countries, Light-Magic can offer a wide range of services from lighting design and production, to special effects and large scale installations.

In the Middle East, the company has become a go-to for many specialist and large-scale requirements. With offices in Dubai, as well as locations in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain, the company has become a leader for International entertainment services in this region.

In Asia, Light-Magic has grown even further since its beginning. Areas like China, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia have all benefitted from the expertise and services provided by the company. With offices in Singapore, they have become the premier choice for many international events and large-scale installations.

Finally, the company also has a presence in the Oceania region, with offices in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Their services in the region are highly sought after, and they have established a strong reputation as one of the top-rated entertainment providers in the region.

With over 15 countries and a variety of services, Light-Magic can easily meet any kind of requirement of any scale. Their international presence has enabled them to provide the best in entertainment services, anywhere in the world.