Recent News Articles about Lindsay Metiver

Recent News Articles about Lindsay Metiver

Lindsay Metivier is a highly successful businesswoman, humanitarian and entrepreneur from Canada who is making a substantial impact in her field. She has been featured in many recent news articles, highlighting her great accomplishments and the causes she supports.

She has been heavily involved in the Canadian startup community for many years now, founding and investing in numerous small businesses. Many of these businesses have gone on to be highly successful, and it is no surprise that Lindsay Metivier has been recognized for her visionary leadership.

One of Lindsay's most recent accolades is being featured in an article by the Huffington Post. The article discussed her inspiring story, her charitable works and her plans to continue to push entrepreneurship forward in Canada. It also praised her passion for giving back to the community and highlighted her many success stories as a businesswoman.

In addition to her work as an entrepreneur, Lindsay Metivier is also active in various charitable endeavors. She has donated money to many charities, including UNICEF and the Canadian Red Cross, and is a big supporter of youth programs and education. As the head of the Lindsay Metivier Foundation, she has worked tirelessly to help fund projects that have successfully changed the lives of numerous children in many areas around the world.

Lindsay Metivier has also been featured in a variety of other news articles, such as being recognized by the Toronto Star for her work in the Canadian startup community and being chosen as one of the "30 Under 30" entrepreneurs in Canada for 2016. Her inspiring story and incredible accomplishments have even been featured on mainstream Canadian talk shows, such as The Social.

It is clear that Lindsay Metivier is a highly successful and motivated woman who is making a real impact on the world. Her inspiring story, charitable works and entrepreneurial spirit make her a great example for young people to follow.