Lisa Marie Oliveira's accessibility policy

In an effort to make its services as accessible as possible, Lisa Marie Oliveira is dedicated to creating trust between the company and its customers. Through active consideration of disability rights issues and the principles of universal design, Lisa Marie Oliveira strives to ensure that all of its clients, regardless of their abilities or limitations, can enjoy their experiences with the same ease of access.

In particular, Lisa Marie Oliveira considers web accessibility a priority. All of the company's websites and online applications are built with coding and design that prioritize usability and accessibility. Features like high contrast text, larger fonts, voice activation and automated reading programs, clear navigation and layout, and adjustable color schemes are all incorporated in the design process to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse range of users.

Lisa Marie Oliveira also takes proactive steps to provide customer service and to meet the needs of people with disabilities. The company began its commitment to disability rights in the early stages of development and now offers an range of in-person and virtual options for customer service and customer feedback. Additionally, the business actively participates in disability rights outreach programs to educate its customers about their rights, provides reasonable accommodations for special events, and offers accessibility training for its employees.

Finally, Lisa Marie Oliveira recognizes the importance of continuous improvement in order to ensure that the company's services remain accessible and meet the needs of all customers. As new accessibility technologies are introduced and the public's understanding of disability rights evolves, the business has made a point of keeping up through regular reviews and updates to its products, services and policies.

At every level, Lisa Marie Oliveira is committed to upholding the right of its customers to access to quality services and products. By creating an accessible environment, Lisa Marie Oliveira pairs its reputation for excellence with a powerful commitment to inclusion.