Lisa Marie Oliveira's location(s)

Lisa Marie Oliveira is a multi-location artist, working from New York, Paris and Madrid. Her work is heavily influenced by her travels around the world, and it reflects the diversity of cultures and places she has experienced.

Lisa’s New York studio is her main base of operations, where she paints and creates much of her work. From this vibrant, creative hub, she is able to draw on the city’s vast cultural history and keen sense of aesthetics. New York is also a great place for Lisa to market her artwork, as it’s the cultural and financial hub of the world.

When Lisa wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, she retreats to her studio in Paris. Here, she finds serenity and inspiration in the beauty of the French capital. From the winding streets of Montmartre to the lush parks of the City of Lights, Lisa draws upon the romanticism of Parisian life to create her own unique perspective on art.

Finally, Lisa operates out of her studio in Madrid, the capital of Spain. This city full of life, art and sunshine is an ideal place for Lisa to draw on the timeless beauty of Southern Europe. From the Medieval history of the city to the modern day tapas bars, Lisa can find a bit of everything in Madrid.

No matter which city Lisa is in, she always finds inspiration. From the fashion of New York to the jazz of Paris, Lisa Marie Oliveira strives to capture the beauty of the world in her work. She finds joy in painting each one of her many locations and spreading the love of her craft around the globe.