Tommy Von Photography Customer Privacy Policy

Tommy Von Photography is dedicated to customer privacy. We are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers, clients, and website visitors. We will not sell, trade, rent or share any information that may be collected from customers, clients and website visitors.

We actively collect and store data related to customer and website visitor behavior, such as customer contact information, purchase history, website usage data, user interactions with our services and website, and other information provided by customers and visitors. This data will be used to improve and enhance our services and customer experience, and may be shared with third parties in order to optimize or improve customer experiences or our marketing efforts. All customer data will be collected and used in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

We take great measures to ensure that customer data is kept secure and confidential. We actively monitor access activity and requests, and use up-to-date security measures to protect customer data from unauthorized access or disclosure. When necessary, we will securely delete customer data which has reached its intended use.

We understand the importance of maintaining customer privacy to our success. We require all team members, contractors, and visitors to respect our customer privacy policy, and sign a confidentiality agreement in order to access customer data.

Customers and website visitors have the right to access their data at any time, and request that we update any inaccurate or irrelevant customer data. Customers also have the right to request that their data be deleted, and we are committed to complying with those requests in a timely manner.

At Tommy Von Photography, we value our customers and work diligently to protect their personal information. We will continue to review, refine and update our customer privacy policy to ensure that our customers are fully informed and satisfied with their data and privacy.