Experiences of Clients with Photography by Julie Sterling Williams

Julie Sterling Williams is an experienced and talented photographer who offers a wide range of photography services in the Seattle and Los Angeles areas. Clients who have chosen her for their special occasion or milestone usually find themselves overwhelmed with their photos. From the first contact through the entire process to delivery of the photos, clients have a wonderful experience with Julie.

When you first contact Photography by Julie Sterling Williams, you can be sure that the conversation will focus on understanding your needs and desires. Julie always takes the time to get to know her clients, and this is true for her wedding, engagement, maternity, boudoir and portrait photography. During the consult, she will ask you questions about what is most important to you for the photos and will provide her professional advice on how you can best achieve the results you are looking for. After the consult is finished, you will feel confident in making the decision to use her for your photography needs.

On the day of your photo shoot, you can rely on Julie to bring her fun and creative personality. Her sunny disposition is sure to put anyone at ease, making it easy for her to capture stunning images. Julie is always professional and knowledgeable while making sure to stay on time and getting the desired results. Clients have reported feeling relaxed throughout the shoot and afterwards, discovering that it was more enjoyable than expected.

When you finally receive your photos, you will be amazed at the results! From weddings to family sessions, Julie never fails to capture the joy, love, and connection of her clients. The photos will let you relive the experience and emotions even years after the event. Her use of light and her ability to find gorgeous backgrounds in any setting will make you look as beautiful as ever in your pictures.

Working with Julie Sterling Williams is an experience that any photography client can treasure. From the first contact to the delivery of your photos, you will feel taken care of and confident in the results. If you are looking for a photographer who has a proven track record of delivering beautiful and polished photos, then Julie should be your choice.