Locations of Photography by Julie Sterling Williams

Photography by Julie Sterling Williams is an experienced photographer dedicated to capturing stunning moments of life and special occasions. Based in Seattle and Los Angeles, Julie’s services are available to couples, individuals, and families throughout these areas and beyond.

Julie Sterling Williams is an experienced, creative, and detail-oriented photographer who can help create lasting memories through her unique and modern style of photography. Her specialties include wedding, engagement, maternity, boudoir, portrait, and family photography.

Whether you’re looking for beautiful images to commemorate a special event or for portraits to capture your family’s story, Julie’s photography services are available wherever you are located. Julie is willing to travel near and far to capture your special moment, so don’t hesitate to reach out and start a conversation about your photography needs.

From capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in Seattle to the glamour and vibrant style of Los Angeles—Julie has the expertise and creativity to take stunning, captivating photos no matter what the background. She’s a master of her craft and her images fill us with awe.

For those in or near Seattle, Julie’s photos will certainly reflect the city’s majestic landscape. She’s able to capture the contrasting nature of the city’s wide range of landscapes, from the fresh forest green and crystal clear waterways of the surrounding area, to the downtown skyline, to the old and modern infrastructure.

Similarly, in Los Angeles, Julie is a pro at capturing the perfect shot regardless of the location. From the enchanting beaches where the glistening Pacific Ocean meets the sand, to stunning views of the Los Angeles skyline with its iconic Hollywood sign and architecture, Julie is able to take stunning, captivating photos at any location in the city.

No matter where you are located, Photography by Julie Sterling Williams is here to make your special moments last. Her work is filled with creativity and passion and she looks forward to helping you capture those special memories.